Thursday, October 13, 2005

Write From Anywhere

For years now I have been nursing a few stories on the backburner until my "real" jobs and business gave me time to write them. That whole situation changed when my business scaled back. Now I have A LOT of time to pursue my interests (thus this blog).

When all of this went down I just knew I would have to start towing the line and start writing again. The only thing is, I hate the tools most people use to write. Word processors are a great thing but they are over complicated for what I need. The thing I hate most about word processors is the fact that I have to cart the document files with me everywhere. In my life I use 3-5 PCs at any given time. This makes it a real pain because I'll have 3-5 sets of files to keep track of (track revisions, etc.) . This gets tedious to say the least.

Then the hero that is Writely came to the rescue. Writely is an online word processing/collaboration tool. It has all of the basic formatting tools (the ones I need anyway) and keeps track of the revisions of my document. Now I don't have to worry about which one of my PCs has the right files to edit. I can be at a airport web terminal with no computer at all and still write if I get the urge to. It also can publish what I write to a web page and to this blog! Talk about icing on the cake.

If you write and don't feel like worrying about your document files I strongly suggest checking this product out. At the high, high price of FREE it is well worth it.

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