Monday, October 10, 2005

Pondering A Logo

I've been thinking recently about what a itinerate programmer really is. When I first created this blog at the beginning of the year I was thinking that it was just a cool name. This weekend I decided to try my hand at creating a logo for this blog.

When creating a logo, it is important to consider what you are trying to represent. In my mind I was thinking that a itinerate programmer is kind of like a itinerate samurai. In other words, a programmer without a master. In feudal Japan this was seen as a disgrace. In modern day America you are just seen as hip and very Soho if you are trying to make a living without the safety net of a corporation.

I got into Poser yesterday and started working on my Samurai. Once I had the face correct (a pain by the way), I worked on finding a good Matrixy outfit for my Samurai. I found what I was looking for at PhilC Designs on the web. Then I found a sword from from Renderosity and then set about posing the character and sword. A quick render and a few post production Gimp passes and I was ready to place the samurai in a gun sight. Why a gun sight you ask, well because a independent programmer is always under the gun ;-). Finally, I created the gun sight in Inkscape and put the text inside the scope and voila, all done!

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