Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Early Month Missive

What the heck have I been doing for the last few weeks? Good question. I wish I knew ;-). Seriously though, I have been working on a new product for Second Life.
I was watching a Google Video of the founder of Second Life. One of the things he demonstrated was a product call Starax's Wand. This thing was incredible and sold for around 30000 L$ (around $100 real dollars). Everyone I knew was complaining about how they could not afford one of these wonderful wands for themselves.
I made the mistake of telling one of my in-game friends that I was thinking about writing something similiar. They immediately gave me 10000 L$ (Around $33 real dollars) and said that they would take two of them. This started me on a quest to come up with a list of features and then start creating them. That was 17 days and 34 effects ago. I hope to come up with 6 - 16 more of these and release my "Power Staff" for around 2000 L$ (around $6.50). It won't be Starax but it will be good and cheap (by comparison).
Other than that, I found a way to play Ultima Online for free. Go to http://http://www.runuo.com/ for details. That has been fun and FREE!!! Here's hoping you have a/several good week/weeks until I write again.