Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Keeping Myself Busy

This has been a transitional time for me (Guinterface scaling back, building up a business in Second Life, going off Paxil ;-), trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, etc.). Things are settling down now and I think it is time to come up with a list of to dos that I want accomplish. As I get these items finished I'll chronicle them here (to a very bored audience ;-)).

To Dos:

1. A drawing called Cosmologist's Dream with a human head surrounded by planets (in orbit). The head is obviously in the place where the sun should be. In the background is a sea of stars. The head should shine like the sun.
2. A drawing called Love One Another that features a street beggar with a collection cup in his hand (held up in supplication) and a business man walking by with his hand held out towards the beggar (in a classic get the heck away from me pose). Speak to the hand beggar man!
3. Begin writing my story, The Star Runner, about a galactic business that has "sewn up" all star travel by coming up with gates that transport people from system to system. A scientist develops a "Star Drive" that works like (Warp, Hyperspace, name your technobabble). Of course this threatens the status quo and the story is about the drama that ensues.
4. Continue to develop TaskTastic. Hopefully find a way to market it.
5. Continue to develop my Second Life business.
6. Drum up more consulting work to fill the "Guinterface Void".

That's about all I have for myself right now and I kind of like it ;-). Here's to a more mellow and relaxed Michael ;-).

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