Friday, October 28, 2005

A Machine Shop In Every Home And A Chicken In Every Pot

Like many of you, I have wasted many a hour playing the game Tetris. This game is a marvel in simplistic rules leading to complex results. That is why I was so happy when I saw my favorite game repurposed as shelving. I thought, "Hey that his pretty darn cool." Then I thought about all those executive desk toys and I knew what I had to have. How cool would it be to have small Tetris blocks that you could stack on your desk. Pretty darn Geeky if I don't say so myself!

Ahhh, now the problem was how to build the blocks. I could have used my Father's power tools and come up with a wooden model. What fun is that though? I wanted it made out of plastic or some really, really cool model like brass. That is where emachineshop comes into play. emachineshop is a online machine shop that is easy to understand if you have any experience with 3D. You just download their CAD program, input your design, enter the material you want to use, select a process to use (3D mill, lathe, etc.), select a finish and receive a quotation. Their CAD program automatically alerts you to any difficulties that may be present in your configuration of your parts.

It is a quick to design your part with the problem that it is expensive for low volume jobs. My order of 5 sets of 5 blocks was 300+ dollars. That amount goes down quickly with volume. I eventually decided 300 and some dollars was too much for a set of desktop toys. If you want to cut those costs and get your own Tetris desktop toys, I know someone interested in helping you...

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