Friday, October 07, 2005

Run ... Its A Setup!

I recently created a program called TaskTastic which enables you to push out "programs" to user systems on your network. These programs are created with a flowchart-like configuration system. Basically, this is like drag and drop programming that is distributable (at least that would be what the marketing people would say ;-)).

To make a short story long, I needed a (hopefully free) installer program to install this piece of software cruft on my user's machines. I had been using the NullSoft install NSIS. That installer system is very full featured but very programming intensive. What I needed was a system that was easy to get going with, enter Inno Setup and ISTool. Inno Setup is a full featured install system for Windows. ISTool enables you to quickly build these installs without a lot of scripting knowledge. I had a professional setup running in just a few minutes with these two programs.

I think if you try them you will be impressed as well. Inno Setup may not be InstallShield but then again it's not InstallShield if you know what I mean. If you are looking for a simple, professional install system that will not set you back a lot of greenbacks, give Inno Setup a whirl.

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