Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Guinterface Software Issues Settled

Well, as my readers know, Guinterface was trying to figure out what to do when we wind down operations here. The answer is simple. We will be giving Guinterface away for free. We will not be giving out source code. I will make a promise that if I ever truly stop supporting Guinterface I will make my source code open source at that time.

The question of how to make money has been answered. I will be selling support contracts for $250 for 10 resolutions or 1 year. I think this is a very competitive price.

My business partner and friend will be staying on with Guinterface on a consultancy basis for the rest of the year, after which he will be totally transitioned (sounds like management speak doesn't it?). I will miss working with him but look forward to just hanging out with him and being "just friends" haha.

I really struggled on this one and am so happy that it is finally over. I hope I never have to make this kind of decision again but I suppose that is too much to ask ...

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