Sunday, September 25, 2005


Sometimes the prison we are in is one of our own making and the key to getting out of jail is right in front of us. In this picture I wanted to evoke this message.

As usual I used Blender, Gimp and Poser. The concrete floor texture was generated in the Gimp with the Allegorithmic Map Zone PhotoShop plug-in which can be gotten for free. Then I posed the Poser default Don figure in a thinking pose in which he is sitting. Next, I boxed him in a room in blender using the stucci texture plugins for the walls. I then created the floor and mapped a Map Zone concrete texture onto it. Then I created the bed from a set of extruded mesh circles. I displaced the bed using a Perlin texture and using the nor texture displacement operator. I stole a key off of the Turbosquid web site and positioned it in front of the man. Then I colored it gold and took the color of the key and created a light with that color behind the key to illuminate the man. The bars were created with extruded cubes (horizontal bars) and extruded circle meshes (vertical bars). I finally used a shadow lamp to cast the bar shadows onto the man and jail cell. The scene was too dark so I added another white lamp to the rooms upper right area.

Then a render and voila, the project entitled "Freedom".

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