Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Let Backpack Bear Your Burdens

I hate to admit it, I'm a highly disorganized guy. I'm the guy who leaves reminder notes all over his house to try to keep track of daily tasks. I'm the guy that forgot to go to a wedding once (don't ask). I'm the guy who forgot he had a dinner scheduled with his parents. Yep, I'm one of the disorganized and discombobulated masses that needs serious help.

I'm also a guy who runs a business and needs to keep track of clients, projects, support contracts, etc. It was these needs that got me interested in web based service called Backpack. What can I say about this WONDERFUL service? Backpack enables you to create notes, to-dos, shopping lists, etc. You can even add multiple people to specific to-dos and notes. This enables them to read and modify them. The really beautiful thing is that you can send yourself email and SMS reminders. Using that in conjunction with my BlackBerry is a dream come true. No more forgetting dinner with my mother, YEAH!

Try BackPack if your needs seem similiar to mine. Your Mom will thank you.

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