Monday, November 21, 2005

Bored Again

It never fails to happen. You take your wife out shopping and of course you are sitting out in the store on a chair meant for miserable saps like you. You wait and you wait, bored out of your skull. The boredom is punctuated by your significant other coming out and asking how they look in these clothes or those clothes.

You can either accept this fate or read a good book and wait patiently for them to come out while being entertained. I have a BlackBerry and it has opened up the wonderfull world of ebooks to me. Ebooks are expensive you say. If you are willing to read older books it's not expensive at all. Point your browser to this link and never be bored in the store again.


Anonymous said...

How do you read the ebooks from What format do you use on your Blackberry?

Michael Lambert said...

Email themselves to yourself as PDF files. The blackberry can read PDF files and supports multiple font sizes etc.

Michael Lambert said...

Often times though, I will download them as plain text, break them up into good size chunks and then upload them to a web site. Then I can download them to my blackberry and read them easily.