Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bruce Lee's Top 7 Fundamentals For Getting Your Life In Shape

Just read some crap at a site called the positivity blog. It is the authors re-interpretation of 7 rules Bruce Lee had to make his life better. They are:
  1. What are you really thinking about today?
  2. Simplify.
  3. Learn about yourself in interactions.
  4. Do not divide.
  5. Avoid a dependency on validation from others.
  6. Be proactive.
  7. Be you.
Not bad rules necessarily (if a little general). The only problem is that you have to wade through so many pages of flipping Google ads to get to the rules. I did not even realize the site had completely loaded because no content besides ads was coming up. My only other gripe is that the author forgot to include Bruce Lee's 8th rule:

Don't do too much cocaine. It's a real killer.

I know. I'm utterly tasteless.

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