Sunday, April 29, 2007


I've been working on some materials for zombie skin for a small comic strip I've been looking at doing. This is my first attempt at creating "realistic" skin for those darn zombies. I think I'll entitle this piece "Surprise" ;-).

Maybe I should have called this blog "Pondering Of An Itinerate Graphics Hobbyist" instead. Lately it seems to be more about that subject than programming. I love programming but art presents a whole new set of challenges that I don't already know the answers to. It seems like when I get a programming job I already have it solved before I finish. I know exactly how I'm going to approach the problem and the only thing left is to code. With art it seems like I always begin a project going "How the heck am I going to do that."

It definitely makes it challenging. I'm sure that I will find some programming challenges in the near future that make me feel that way.

I leave you with the "before" picture that I think is perhaps a little more interesting.

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