Thursday, April 12, 2007

Real Men

It's been a while. I just had to write this when an obvious thought came to me. I was seeing all kinds of men doing things that frankly shocked me. No one cares about my feelings on this (I realize) but I started formulating some of the things I have learned about being a man from people like my father. Sometimes I forget that everyone does not have a role model like I had. Thinking upon some of the things I've seen lately I realize just how lucky I was.
With no further ado, here is a list of items/rules that should define our lives as men (in no specific order):

1. Real men do housework
2. Real men don't leave their families
3. Real men have one wife and try to love them as they love themselves
4. Real men don't bully those weaker than them or let people stronger than them dictate their morals
5. Real men stand up for what they believe in
6. Real men cry
7. Real men take responsibility for their actions
8. Real men work for a living unless they cannot physically do so
9. Real men let those closest to them know they love them
10. Real men try not to look or touch
11. Real men pay their debts
12. Real men suck it up in the face of adversity (but have been known to complain on occasion)
13. Real men put their family ahead of themselves
14. Real men share their emotions with their spouse
15. Real men fail, then they they pick themselves up and try again.

That's all I have to say about that and yes, I'm still trying to live up to this list. Life is like that. If you stop trying to be better then you better be six feet under.

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