Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mid Month Fill In

I just thought I would post a mid-month infoshare so to speak. I just finished editing the first draft of my new novel (the Lambda Initiative). I have all the changes on a paper copy (yeah, I know, how analog). I am currently working to put them into Word. It will probably take a few weeks at the slow pace I am setting. Then I plan to have take one more pass through and hand it off to another (insane) individual for a final proofread/idea session. Hopefully, by this time next month it will be ready for the final hand off to the publisher.
I don't expect much from it, it is a first novel after all. Why make it? I'd always wanted to. It was my gift to myself on my 35th birthday.
Other than that, not much is going on here. A little bit of Guinterface support, some Guinevere spam engine support and hopefully some contract work for a customer.
If I don't see you for another few weeks then ciao baby ;-)

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