Saturday, December 16, 2006

Contest Entry For Crestock Photshop Contest

I just entered my entry for the Crestock Photoshop contest. I heard about it on Digg and thought it would be a blast. The idea is that every week 5 images are picked for the contestants to work with. You must work one or all of them into an entry for the contest. It is judged on technical, creative as well as visual merits.

Even though it is a Photoshop contest, I don't have the money for that application. I use it at work VERY occasionally. Instead of using Photoshop I used GIMP to composite material from ParticleIllusion, Blender and Poser. I also used the Gimp to take a provided stock photo of a daylight desert scene and turn it into a night desert scene. I hope you enjoy. I only wish I had a chance in to win the contest. The Mac looks mighty tasty.

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